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15 juillet 2012 7 15 /07 /juillet /2012 11:44



Ellie Goulding et Tinie Tempah n'ont pas chômé car après nous avoir révélé leur duo il y a peu de temps et bien c'est maintenant le clip qui nous est révélé.


La video est assez simple mais efficace et a vrai dire avec un titre aussi magique, nul besoin d'artifices énorme. L'annonce d'un nouvel album pour la belle anglaise ne devrait tarder et ce n'est que pour notre plus grand bonheur.






You know we can get away
Because i’m calling your name
Every day I feel this pain
But you just turn and walk away

I just can’t keep hanging on, to you and me
I just don’t know what is wrong, with you and me


Touch me and then turn away
And put your hands into the flame
Tell me if you feel this pain
Cause I don’t want to be a ball and chain, nooo

I just can’t keep hanging on, to you and me
I just don’t know what is wrong


[Tinie Tempah]
Give me the respect, forgive me and forget
We’ve got to get a grip, living on the edge
I barely even know this f-ck-ng woman in my bed
And if that’s too much on my plate, then I ain’t finishing my bad
And if anybody said the grass is greener on the other side
Well it ain’t, swear on my mother’s life
You got me wrapped up in your shit


I’m feeling mamba fight
I’ve only ever had this fucking feeling in my stomach twice
You gave me what I needed, and I gave her everything she wanted
Miss something ’bout your cleavage
Now why can’t put my fingers on it
You’re taking me the deepest
I thought that she was coming for me
If four women from venus, then I guess I really got a rocket
You’ve got a nose around my neck, but i’m still hanging on
We’ve nearly reached the finish line, I bet we’re having fun
I spit a buzz, she sang a song
She broke my heart, I took some gargabe scan

I just can’t keep hanging on, with you, with me
With you, with…

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